NEW ALBUM and VIDEOCLIP  (05. Dezember 2017)

The Swiss heavy metal band GONOREAS is back with a new video-clip!

The album MINOTAUR will be released at 20/01/2018

Minotaur was recorded and produced by V.O.Pulver at as the last three previous albums. V.O.Pulver is one of the biggest Swiss metal producer which has already worked wich artists such as: Destruction and Pro Pain.

This full-length countain 10 songs, the band almost completely renounced studio guests for this time. For the enthusiasts of experimentalism, there are 2 songs, which stretch longer and deeper into the musical universe, and after a long time we have a new balade with the name "Behind the wall"
The only studio guest is Gurgen Kakoyan, who plays the rare instrument duduk (Armenian Flute) in the first song.

On the homepage / facebook the tour dates and further information about the album will be soon announced.
Minotaur is available in CD as well as vinyl and MC from February 2018
Feel free and spread the news from this swiss metal band to reaches into every soul!


NEW ALBUM..  (19. September 2017)
Gonoreas new album released on the 20 january 2018!!
more infos coming soon..

Record for the new Album is done!  (22. Juni 2017)
Juni 2017 we record the new Album, and the record is now done!

GUARDIAN OF TIME!!  (26. Februar 2017)
Pre-order now our best of album Guardian of Time.

BIG THANX  (08. Februar 2017)
We concluded our tour at 25.01.2017, It was 13 concerts in 15 days, 7 different countries, and many thousands of headbangers diffused in this marvelous lands where we have spread our music.
We would like to thank the metal icons from Destruction, the powerful thrasher girls from Nervosa, Mike (The Driver), Zwinny Thomas Kilmister-Zwicky (Merch) Martin Furia-Gasmaske (Sound) Brovar and Hator(Roadie Crew), every Concert Place and single person envolved to make this...
Bang Your Head!!!

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